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Untitled by sharkie19 Untitled :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,544 117
The Gift

I lean back in my chair and turn on my pc and take a sip of my water as the pc boots up
i close my eyes and sing lowly to myself as the desktop boots up
i open up the web and starts browsing around
after browsing for a bit i lean back in the chair and look up at ceiling
''Ben dear, come downstairs please'' i heard yelling from downstairs, just as i had gotten comfortable as well..
i looked at my pc screen and and slowly got off my chair and trudged downstairs
''what ?''
''me and Catherine are going out to the mall''
''Okay ? Do you want me to come along or something?''
''Sorry dear, girls trip only, me and your sister only''
''fair enough...have fun'' i said in a upbeat tone
''thank you hon, if i find something for you i might pick it up''
''like what ? you never buy me clothes and i dont think you have ever bought male clothing before''
''thats not true! i got you that...t-shirt that one time''
''it was a women's V-neck! if you bought m
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 174 18
Age Cybersissy TF by Redflare500
Mature content
Age Cybersissy TF :iconredflare500:Redflare500 268 8
Maximoff TWINS by MOMOpJonny Maximoff TWINS :iconmomopjonny:MOMOpJonny 130 68 Scarlet Witch by JGiampietro Scarlet Witch :iconjgiampietro:JGiampietro 52 8 Assembly Line by smlshin Assembly Line :iconsmlshin:smlshin 433 30
Lost in Threeie (Banjo and Kazooie TF/TG/AR)
This one is for :icongomanfury:! Remember, if I get anything wrong, DON'T HATE ON ME FOR IT! Enjoy.
As James starts to ketchup with the whole class, the whole class was going way too fast for him and he was hoping for them to take a break from this but NOPE. They kept going. James tried his best to keep up but it started to get more lost.
“Ugh James, this is the tenth time now, you gotta keep up.” The teacher said as he stomps his foot.
“I'm sorry Teach.” James responded to the teacher.
“One, that wasn't the response I was hoping but I'll take it, two, don't call me ‘teach.’” The teacher explained as he sigh in disappointment.
“Let's move on class.” The teacher told the students.
They nodded and followed the teacher, James was about to follow too but then he saw something weird.
“What is that? It's glowing.” James yelled but the teacher was going ahead.
“Oh no! I forgot to ketchup
:iconssupersonic12:ssupersonic12 16 14
cat woman X Blackcat (YURI TAG) by sakimichan
Mature content
cat woman X Blackcat (YURI TAG) :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,128 110
Love is Love by IsaiahStephens Love is Love :iconisaiahstephens:IsaiahStephens 1,983 261 Waterfall Break Zelda .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Waterfall Break Zelda .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,759 549 Blue Rubber Fox TF 1 by Fox0808 Blue Rubber Fox TF 1 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 231 47 Touch down turn around by Brakkenimation Touch down turn around :iconbrakkenimation:Brakkenimation 928 40 Kabe-Don by MisterZei Kabe-Don :iconmisterzei:MisterZei 531 23 Kabe-Don! not again! by MisterZei Kabe-Don! not again! :iconmisterzei:MisterZei 602 69 DoodleBear! by SmashingRenders DoodleBear! :iconsmashingrenders:SmashingRenders 110 126 GENDERBENT TAYTAY by jaeon009 GENDERBENT TAYTAY :iconjaeon009:jaeon009 36 2

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The Eyes - Valerie TG
The Eyes - Valerie TG
     Loud noises erupted from the gym, evidence that a great battle was taking place  
there. The townspeople took no notice of this. Unbeknownst to them, the Gym Leader was fighting something that was clearly sucking the life out of him. The Leader already knew that he was weakening and simply resigned himself to his fate. The creature uttered a cry that brought down the Leader and his Pokémon. He and his Pokémon were now certainly dead.
     Dave was walking through Laverre City when he found out about the death of the Gym Leader. Rushing to the gym, he saw the man, utterly lying there in his room dead. Gossip passed through every people's mouths, discussing about the death of the Leader and the fact that they had to tediously find someone fit for the
Fairy- type position again.
      Dave was then hit on the head by an unknown Pokémon. Reeling from the pain, he
:iconjellicent18231234:Jellicent18231234 15 0
Mature content
Mood Swings - Barbaracle TF :iconjellicent18231234:Jellicent18231234 1 0
The Sudden Urge - Calem TG
The Sudden Urge - Calem TG
      Ana was once again in front of the line at GameStop, waiting for the release of the new Pokémon games: Pokémon X and Y. Ever since she found out about it she had been hoping it would be another great addition to the games. When the GameStop finally opened, she went and bought the two versions. Clutching her prize as if it was her baby, she went home. She decided to play Pokémon X first, since she was amazed by the mascot of the game, Xerneas.
      Inserting the cartridge on the 3DS, she started to play it. She was completely bedazzled by the level of graphics, knowing now that Game Freak gave it their all in this one. When she had finally gotten to the intro of Professor Sycamore, she grew even more excited. When, finally, the choice to choose which gender she was going to play as in the game, she had the sudden urge to play as the boy character. When she clicked on the character, she named him the def
:iconjellicent18231234:Jellicent18231234 17 4
All Fired Up - Malva TG
All Fired Up - Malva TG
   Dan was an aspiring, albeit, weak Pokemon Trainer living in Cyllage City. He barely won his battles. He almost always lost the battles fought by him and his Fletchling. Because of this, he was always mocked by his peers and fellow Pokemon Trainers alike.
   One day, while searching for any method to strengthen his Fletchling, he came across an ad for anyone wanting to become stronger, in exchange for becoming a member of Team Flare. He clicked the ad, which gave him directions on how and where to find the building for application. After finding out that it's found in Lumiose City, he quickly went there.
   When he got there, he was disappointed to find out that it was only a Cafe. Suddenly, a voice from behind him said, "You must be here for the application." He turned around and looked at the man. "I'm Lysandre. I'll guide you to where you can apply.", said Lysandre. Dan followed him to an elevator, which led him to a maze-like
:iconjellicent18231234:Jellicent18231234 30 7
Deep, Dark Waters - Jellicent TF
Deep, Dark Waters - A Jellicent TF
       Carl was a seafaring member of a ship, which found many uncharted territories like the Sevii Islands. Even though he did his job well, this was not his calling. He always wanted to be a water-type specialist, like Siebold or Marlon. Anyway, since he still has the opportunity to see various water-type Pokémon, it was still fine by him.
        One day, while working on the main deck, their ship was suddenly shook by something that was, unbeknownst to them, had a blood-thirsty streak of sinking ships that wander into its territory. The captain, along with other crew members investigate the waters. "What was that?", questioned by Carl's friend, Mark. The ship is then struck by another force. This time, it enveloped the ship in a manner similar to the move Hex. Carl, being the water-type fanatic, quickly exclaimed, " It's a Jellicent! We've entered it's territory!"
:iconjellicent18231234:Jellicent18231234 2 0
Godzilla 2014 Full Body by Jellicent18231234 Godzilla 2014 Full Body :iconjellicent18231234:Jellicent18231234 1 0 Pokemon X and Y Jellicent by Jellicent18231234 Pokemon X and Y Jellicent :iconjellicent18231234:Jellicent18231234 1 0


Just got back from South Korea and it was absolutely gorgeous. Me and my family went to all sorts of places, like Nami Island, N Seoul Tower, Ever Land, Gyung Bok Palace, Myeongdong Street, Ginseng Center, Amethyst Factory, Cheongyecheon Stream, The National Folk Museum of Korea, and Petite France. We also went skiing, wore hanboks, watched the Fantastick Show and made kimchi. Our tour guide Miki and photographer Teddy were very kind and generous. The food was very delicious. Overall, I immensely enjoyed South Korea in its entirety. Everything was amazing and gorgeous. I was a bit sad when we were leaving. But there is always a next time. Gamsam hamida, Korea.

P.S. Happy New Year, guys. A bit late since I am still in jet lag.

P.S.S. Still crying about the departure of Matt Smith from Doctor Who. Still immensely crying about that one scene where Amy Pond appeared again in the show saying goodnight to his "Raggedy Man". Got me right in deep in the feels.


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